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File a usNDP (Nexus) Complaint

Note: These instructions summarize certain portions of the Department of Commerce's usTLD Nexus Dispute Resolution Policy (usNDP), usNDP Rules, and the FORUM's usNDP Supplemental Rules that concern the filing of a Complaint. This summary is not a substitute for reading and understanding the Rules governing this proceeding.

File usNDP Complaints Properly
Parties interested in filing a usNDP Complaint must do so according to the usNDP Rules and the FORUM’s usNDP Supplemental Rules. Please read and review these rules prior to filing your Complaint.

If you would like to file your Complaint online, prepare your complaint utilizing our Model form and proceed to our Online Filing for usNDP Complaints page.

Prepare Your usNDP Complaint
Locate and refer frequently to the usNDP Policy and Rules,including the Forum’s usNDP Supplemental Rules. The Model form will walk you through each element required under Rule 3.

  1. You will need information refarding the Complainant, the Respondent, the Registrar, and the domain name.

  2. Describe how the domain names has been registered, or is being used, in violation of the Nexus Requirements. usNDP 3(a). The Forum will do a review to be sure you have made out a prima facie case. If you have merely made a series of unsupported statements, your case will be dismissed and your fee will be forfeit. usNDP Rule 7

  3. Tell the panel about any other legal procedings you’re involved with that relate to the domain name(s).

  4. You need to know what mutual jurisdiction you are willing to agree to.

  5. Be prepared to pay the Fee up front.

  6. Review the Rules and familiarize yourself with the timelines. If you miss a deadline your case will be dismissed without a refund.

  7. All communication is sent via email and/or the Forum’s online portal.

File Your usNDP Complaint
Pursuant to Supp. Rule 4(b), you may file your Complaint online via this website, or send the Complaint, along with any other attached evidence to

Please note that the usNDP no longer requires hard copies of the complaint or the annexes.

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